Font size error


Can anyone help me?

p {
  color: AliceBlue;
  line-height: 1em;
  text-align: left;
  width: 100%;
  font-family:Helvetica, Arial, Sans-serif;
  font-size: 20px;

Learn HTML & CSS: Part 1

I don't know. It could be a bug. Would you like me to invite a moderator?


how can i invite you to be a moderator??
Sorry i'm new here


Is your zoom at 100%? If not trying putting it on that. If so try tweaking it around a bit. Sometimes the zoom makes the pixels larger or smaller even though you put 20 pixels and thus throws off the code.


Do you mean zoom from web browser?
If yes, i think this is 100%


but code still error..


Yeah thats what I mean. Sometimes the lessons just bug and odds ways fix it. Maybe try another computer browser or fresh your cookies?


Thanks i've solved the problem


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