"Font Size", #8 activity BUG?

I think my code is correct, but the system insists there is an error. What is the error in my code?

the problem is tag “P” fault cosed e.g: "

your code here …


You have p elements nested inside of p elements – that’s what the error message is trying to tell you.

Instead of:

<p> <p style="... etc

you should just have one p element for each line of text.

<p style=" ... etc
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Thank you! Totally fixed. :slight_smile:

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I still don’t get how to fix this could you write out the whole code for me?

Please start a new topic in this category that includes your code, a link to the lesson and any error messages your are seeing. Thank you. The easiest way to find the correct category is to click the Q & A link at the bottom left of the exercise page.