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What is the “padding” in this ? Not introduced to it in previous exercises.
and in the heading, we are asked to give color red to the font. How are we supposed to write <colspan> then? Tried the semicolon way…doesn’t work. but if i write it like this…

<th style="color:red"colspan="2";style="color="red">Famous Monsters by Birth Year</th>

without the semicolon…its working perfectly fine

ah, i guess that is something new, you can have multiply attributes at a html element by simply separating them with a space:

<img src="url" alt="my_image">

here you use style right:


this looks rubbish:


style and colspan are both attributes, use what i showed you to do it right!

And what about :
Table style ?
Border bottom ?
Padding ?
These were not introduced before except just straight away added to the exercise.

this is a completely different exercise, you should make a new topic

style is covered? Except this time you add it to <table> instead of a paragraph or a heading, but this shouldn’t come as new.

border-bottom will only give a border at the bottom rather then all 4 sides

padding will be covered later, it is the spacing inside the element

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