Font family Oops


I don't know where is wrong ? I try to ctrl 0 the browser, it's no use. I need help!


after font-size, there should be a colon, not a equal sign (second and third list item)


Thanks a lot!
But the third line still has the problem.


And if I magnify the browser, it's will be pass. The same situation has been happened to the last two missions.
I am confused.


what are you using? chrome? Your browser has a minimum font-size setting, do a google search:
change minimum font-size chrome


Thanks a lot. I am using chrome. I have check the setting, the font-size is medium.No wrong.
I really have no idea.


no, but what is the minimum font-size setting? You need to click customize font, there is the minimum font-size setting


You mean minimum the font-size of the browser? I've tried. Every type. It shows me the same Oops.


what is the minimum font-size setting in your browser?