Font-Family cursive wont work?


Hey guys so I know a lot of you have had this problem with font family cursive not working, i had the same problem I am going to tell you how to fix the problem, so you are going to go to a website where you can download fonts what ever site you choose as long as you trust it i would suggest going to this site
one for the fonts, so again I did try Cursive, cursive it didn't work because my computer did not have the font installed and you can no longer get the original trust me( I searched) so what you do is you download a cursive font from their, and you install it on your computer check the name of the font that you installed and type it their for example this worked for me, because I download this font as a replacement,
font-family: standard cursive; and after imputing this after installing this font on my computer and finding the name through control panel it worked i hope this helped you figure out what was wrong and helped you fix your problem.


Cursive is not a font name, but a font family, therefore the correct way to write it in a style sheet is, cursive. Most OS's come out of the box with at least one cursive font. There should be a setting that permits us to set the default font that our system uses in webpages. Search online for what fonts come with your OS and use one that is on your machine already.

You are right about trust which is why I removed the link in your post, btw.