Font-family cursive not working


i’m not having an error per se, but rather an annoyance. i noticed that my font-family: cursive did not change the text, although it passed me to the next lesson. could it be that my font is not installed as default? i am new to html but thought that cursive was included in the specification. just curious, enjoying the course.


cursive is a generic font-family that includes many named fonts. All fonts belong to one of the five generic families…

serif         eg. Times New Roman, Palatino Linotype, etc.
sans-serif    eg. Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, etc.
cursive       eg. Comic Sans MS, Lucida Handwriting, etc.
fantasy       eg. Impact, etc.
monospace     eg. Courier New, etc.

Notice that generic family names are not capitalized since they are not proper names. The OS will have one family-name assigned to each generic family to act as the default font when only the generic is supplied in a selector rule. All other font families are proper names and always capitalized. Multiple word font names are always written in quotes in a property declaration.


i got that part, but it isn’t working with the cursive. serif and sans-serif are doing fine. the one where it calls out the one with the V doesn’t show up either. i will try the fantasy and monospace also to see. it may be the version of firefox mint runs on also. as i said, an annoyance and not an obstacle also. thanx for helping out.


Show us your code, please, as well a link to the exercise. Thanks.


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