Font Face III Preceding src url Marks



I’m running into some confusion about linking to a relative path.

In Introduction to HTML // Linking to a Relative Page Lesson 8
It says, “The “./“ in “./index.html” tells the browser to look for the file in the current folder.”

Then in Learn CSS: Typography // Font Face III Lesson 18

The src: url is src: url(…/fonts/Glegoo-Regular.ttf)
As shown above, the answer requires two periods before the backslash in front of “fonts” like this:
I don’t understand why.

Lastly in Learn CSS: Typography // Typography
In the YouTube video CSS Project Typography 8:36

The src: url is src: url (“fonts/CroissantOne-Regular.ttf”)

Before “fonts” there is no “./“ or “…/“ like in the previous lessons.
The is also no format property in the YouTube video.

The questions I have are as follows:

  1. Out of the three options “./“, “…/“ or no preceding marks, which do I use in what situation?
  2. Do I have too use the “format” property? If so, when?


That takes us up one directory level then moves over to the fonts folder.