@font-face css issues

How to add and where to find the CSS @font-face for using in my stylesheet?
It is not clear in the video and there is another issue that in the video and the course, we see the google fonts link as…
something… fonts.googleapis.com?css only CSS
but when I copy fonts after adding from the google fonts site…
I see the link like this…
something… like css2 see in following:

Is there anyone who can help me to get rid of this problem in some easy and visual steps?

Hello! Could you provide a link to this exercise?


Yes I can obviously. the problem was only to use multiple font from google fonts using
the @font-face…some stuck. If you want , you can give me or teach me for the whole part of this topic to understand. Thanks.
I will include the link very soon.

It took me a while to figure this out. Essentially, you pull the website link from google fonts, like you would have if you were to copy it to the html code, instead just follow the website link. To reword that last part, take the website link embedded in the code that you were going to place in html and instead paste it into your address bar. It will bring you to the @font-face info they didn’t show very well in the video you are referring to.