Font doesn't work

I’ve noticed that the font doesn’t actually change. The level passes me, and I can tell the code is correct, but the font type doens’t actually change with different font-family commands. Any ideas why that is?

What font is it that you’re using? Some browsers/operating systems don’t support certain fonts, that others do.

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I’ve mostly noticed it for Cursive. I’m on Linux Mint using Chrome.

It’ll be because of Linux probably. If it doesn’t affect your progress in the course, you shouldn’t dwell on it. Just move on to the next exercise and if you have any problems that actually affect your progress, feel free to ask here.

Ok, yeah I’ve been continuing anyways, but I didn’t know if it was just a glitch or if there was some way to fix it. Thank you!

No it’s not a glitch, but unfortunately your OS doesn’t support cursive fonts, sorry!