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I'm stuck in 9 Color,can't figure my mistakes,if any,the code I wrote is as perfect (to me) as the above snapshot.Pls send correct answer,I wanna get outta this fix and move on.Thnks.
Nicola Six

Font color error (Did you make Header 1 green?)

Can you please paste your whole page of code I know it may be the same code but I need to see your code before I assist you @londonbeers


Hello.I think I passed 9 Font Color late yesterday,am now on 10 Recap,troublesome also for the same reason as Font Color.

Here it is.


Hello again,Im sending the 10 Recap lesson here instead of the forum.I've
made sevral Codes on this but always its the same issue on the size of the
Font, 16px instead of the correct 20px,or 10px,when its very clear the
20px is well-placed,probably the problem is elsewhere.Pls gimme the
correct Code so I can move to the next lesson :slight_smile: Tnx Cooldude


What do you understand out of the question. I need to know before I can assist you @londonbeers


It's no longer Font Color,I have finished this lesson and I am now tackling
the next topic RECAP.In Font Color I received this msg several times before
it finally changed to "Way to go!Next lesson." :

*Oops, try again. It looks like your second

  • 's font-size is 16px
    instead of 12px *

    The Hint at the end of the Instructions helps a bit, the Forum often have
    snippets of good syntax.
    Thanks coooldude75.

  • #7

    Can I see your full code not as a screenshot. Here is how to do it you go to your code then you press on the code screen not the instructions or the image. Then you select all. On Mac command a. For Microsoft it's control a. Then you go back to codeacademy discuss this post hit the reply button like you been then press the 6th button from the left from the reply box it should look like this Preformatted text. Then you should delete the words Preformated text. Then paste your words between the two upper commas.


    Ok. I'm going to try se if I get your instructions correct,I'm inept at this,although.


    Hi I mean that you do this in the reply section not in the code editor for your lesson but here


    Hello I have a suggestion that I hope will help you.<p style = "font-size:14px; color: orange; font-family: Bodoni">. Look at the code it is the same as the code you need but you need to change it to make the code in the question work.Hope this helps @londonbeers


    That's exactly the same as the one I wrote down that wasn't received well
    I'd Reset and Reset Um,what do u mean by "to make the code in question
    work?" Well said,that.


    I mean that in the lesson you enter this code and change it a little bit


    Here is the code. I'm sorry you couldn't figure out the problem before I give you the code I need to explain to you what was wrong. What was wrong in your code was you wern't putting whatyou learned the color type of style code and the font type and the other parts of styling put together here is the code.<p style="font-size:20px; color:blue; font-family:Arial">A truly spectacular paragraph!</p>. I hope this helps and I hope you understand better now . Have a great day also I hope you acomplish your goals in coding if you have some and when you are done these try the javascript and Jquery courses it will tell you or go to the catolog and try Html part1 bye. @londonbeers


    Thanks cooldude75 appreciate it.Is that Code on Font Color?Ive hurdled
    Color and Family already,don't know exactly how it happened,its #11 Recap
    now,its peanuts to you of course,perhaps u can show me ur Code so I can
    study how it's done by the Real Guys.I'll show also my Code,warts and all
    for ur assessment. Hav a great day,cooldude75!


    The code I gave you was for recap

    1. Putting it all together
    2. A truly spectacular paragraph!

    3. < p style=" font-size:20px; color:blue; font-family:Arial">A tuly spectacular paragraph!

    In a snap I get this verdict::astonished:
    Oops, try again. It looks like your paragraph's font-size is 16px instead of 20px.

    11 RECAP copied



    in that order


    Sorry.Theres a glitch thus the unforced typos(bugs?):sob:


    I bet it's suprising for you but i'm just a level higher than yyou which I earned on sunday. I finished Html and Css 4 months ago but it says a couple of days ago because I went back to the lesson to assist you. I think you could become a rising star if you keep learning or even better.


    About your problem on 11 recap It should have worked I thought you were working on it before when you said you were on recap