Flutter Course

Are CodeAcademy working on a Flutter course? If so when can we expect it?


If possible I would love to contribute that, as a user or learner.

Hi! I want to know this too. Should we expect a flutter course in near future or is not in codecademy plans?

+1 with a cherry on top

I’d be interested aswell!

Since Flutter can be used for both web and mobile development its going to revolutionize software engineering in the next 5 years.

I would definitely pay a premium to have a Flutter course here.


I want a FLUTTER COURSE too :smiley:


and I am already a premium user :stuck_out_tongue:

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What should be my first steps before starting to learn Flutter/DART? I am new to programming and don’t know any programming languages. I tried already a couple of courses on Flutter and found that content was overly complicated for me, even though it said no programming skills required. Maybe I am just dumb :confused: PLease help

I am adding to this forum thread just to say I’d also love a Flutter/Dart course!

I’m very interested in flutter too

Yep, why would you need to learn swift, java, kotlin or javascript, when you can learn dart/flutter and produce code for web/android and ios?

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Yes please +1 for Flutter

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Fultter is perfect project. I’d pay as premium if there is a flutter & dart course.

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This was exaclty what i thinked

So no flutter news?

I was trying to find any official statement of code academy on a flutter course but couldn’t find anything…