Flask Travel sites

I am attempting to recreate the flask Travel sites app structure in pycharm but I am running into an issue. In the app.py the code is as follows:

My routes, and models files are in the root directory that app.py is located in. When I try to run this code, pycharm gives me an unused import error for routes, and models. I have searched the internet high and low to find a solution as to why my program won’t import routes and models, but to no avail. This is my first ever question posted so please show mercy, i’m just looking for a solution.

Hi, I think for this kind of issue it might be clearest if you upload your files/structure to github.

I suspect it has to do with circular import issue possibly happening (but can’t be sure just from the screenshot and description).
Very loosely, when you import a file it executes the entire script, so if there’s an import in there that imports the importing file there’s a fault in the logic.

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