Flask extension 'Flask Appbuilder'

I have been using Flask framework to build a web application for about two weeks now. I have accidently discovered a Flask extension called ‘Flask Appbuilder’. I was wondering whether someone has some experience in using it. It seems to duplicate a few original Flask features like Flask Models but instead it is called ModelView (there are a few more). I searched for the tutorials but there are very few of them and despite the documentation is good, it is very long and complicated to grasp at a glance.

The question is: should I invest my time in studying this extension, or it will be not the best time spent.

I don’t think I need anything for my project in addition to what I have already done (concept-wise), but learning new ways is something that I am always curious about. Would be grateful for any opinion and/or suggestion.

My 2 cents:

Look at the documentation (or books?) and see if you can find a base of people doing projects with it that interest you.

If there aren’t… wade in at your own discretion. Although flask is great, it already has a smaller base than something like django – which is not a bad thing! But one effect of this is that there is less of a community to troubleshoot when you go off the beaten path.

  • I’d say if you feel comfortable with flask as it is, you can experiment with it. You can even try to get yourself into a hole and see how much help there is when you get down there.

  • If you have a very specific need for it that can’t be met elsewhere, also go for it.

  • Conversely if you want to still sharpen your flask skills, there are other “core” things you can always try to improve such as: improving your db game, adding complexity in your app (but keeping it modular enough that you can transfer it to other projects), playing with different deployments and learning more about that whole side of the equation, etc.

Even if it’s outdated or obsolete, there are still things to be gained from picking up something completely from the wild. It really is up to your own interest.

Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate your help! I think I will skip it for now as I still struggle a bit with vanilla Flask itself, so… I will perfect that first before going any further.