Flask Capstone Project: Voting App. Feedback Please!

Hey guys! I have finished my first capstone project ever!

About the app
You can create your own polls, vote on others’ and even comment on and like different polls!
All polls, likes, comments, and votes are stored in a database.

About me making the app
I have always wanted to make a fullstack app where you could store data in databases.
After I learned the Flask Course on codecademy, I wanted to present my final project as a work of precise, amazing work. I did a lot of research on youtube and learned a lot about Flask. This was probably my favorite course on coding that I have ever done.
I really enjoyed making it. It was a really amazing journey making the project.

Bug Reports
If you catch a bug, tell me about it on the Github Bug Report Repository that I’ve made.

Create an Issue and write about the bug.

Aside from bugs, if you have any feedback to offer, feel free to say anything you want.
All feedback, critisicsms, and bug reports will be kindly appreciated.
Don’t forget to share your polls and/or this site with your friends on social media!

Thanks for reading.

  • LeviathanProgramming


Nice work!

I think the poll creation could be a bit more descriptive. Maybe providing an example of input/output would give a new user an idea of what to expect.

So what exactly do you mean by making the poll creation more descriptive?
Do you mean to make like a preview or something?
That would be very, very difficult to make.

Not a preview but text or even an image or even text explanation of what output you get when you put in different kinds of input.

I had to think about it for a moment. But a non-tech person would potentially be more confused.


produce an internal server error.
Maybe the sql query give back non exists dataset?

At login you ask the username and email.
Username or email and password enough for authentication.

Congratulations anyway.
It must have been a big job.
Can you tell me how long time was from start to finish?
I will start this project tomorrow and I think it will be a giant coding challenge…