Flask Capstone Project My Idea Box

Flask Capstone Project

My Idea Box

I just deployed my flask capstone project on Heroku.
During the development, I learned almost endless new knowledge, however I also discovered how many white spot are there in my knowledge.
There is a lot idea still not built in the app (there is not forgot email procedure example…) but at this stage probably demonstrate I learned a minimum requirement to create an app using Flask.
I welcome all opinions, but of course it would be most gratifying if a company started using it.

Code on GitHub

I not able to edit my own post. :frowning:

This link works for GitHub

Still I have some issue with the project.
Any uploaded avatars or company logos will deleted daily from Heroku. :frowning:
I try to find another way to store avatars. One of my idea to use AWS S3.