Flashcards Redux Challenge

I am working on this project. On step 17, it says to iterate through the local state cards
which is an array, and one, dispatch our addCard action creator, and two, add it to the cardIds array. When I do that however, I get the error TypeError: Cannot add property 0, object is not extensible .

Here is my code in full:

 cards.forEach(card => {
      const cardId = uuidv4()
      dispatch(addCard({id: cardId, front: card.front, back: card.back}))
      console.log('the card ID is', cardId)

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

Hopefully you already solved this one. Everything looks fine in that piece of code you posted here. However, if you are still having an issue, can you post your repo so we can dig deeper? Your bug might be in the addCard action.