Flashcards project - NewQuizForm is not doing anything

Ive got a problem with flashcards project, I am stuck at step 14 where i should be able to submit a new quiz, but my NewQuizForm is not rendering options with topics, in fact its not doing absoulutely anything, when i try to change anything in render function, its not changing anything, when i try to change anything so i get an error i dont get an error, in fact after i deleted everything from this file the new quiz form was still rendered the same way and with same funcionality (none).

I am doing this on codecademy website, if anyone knows why this file is not being used please let me know!

The whole thing doesnt do anything, even if i delete files like App.js it is still being rendered to the screen, i can still add topics and nothing changes nor i get any errors.

I wanted to try doing it on a website so for once i dont have to deal with old versions of packages these projects are made with, but it seems there is no way of going around it.

It’s helpful if we can see your code.

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