Flashcards Challenge Project (Redux)

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Hi guys and gals,

This is my solution for the flashcards project. Pretty fun project!


My solution to this project below.

Small feedback on this exercise. The points in the exercise are quite “open” and it does say it in he beginning.

While you are doing be aware you will only be able to visualise topics, quizzes and cards after you set up the reducers in store.js and the selectors in the related *.js files.

For all 3 (topics, quizzes and cards) you need slice files (to define initialStates, selectors, actions and reducers), connect the 3 reducers to the store, and give access in all files to the store via useSelector(selector).

Hardship and thinking about it on your own , I think, also makes part of the exercise. I only realised I was missing the cardsReducer overnight but only after checking every single file over and over.

Good luck!


Here is my solution for the project

Good luck !

Hi everyone,

Here’s my solution to the Flashcards project: https://github.com/atanas-dim/flashcards-react-redux

Also deployed with Github Pages: http://www.atanasdim.com/flashcards-react-redux/

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Here my solution for the Flash-cards Project.

hey guys,
done with the flash cards project :partying_face:
Here is my solution

Hey , i have completed this project but what is the point of this we are not getting to learning something new . We are just practising the same process . I would like Code Academy to add more challenging projects such as the Jamming Project in the previous lessons . Having to deal with challenges makes you a better developer not implementing the same thing 100 times ( you might get good at it but still , you are only gaining experience ).

Hey @gigawhiz85773, sorry to hear that you felt the project to be too repetitive, and thank you for taking the time to provide your thoughts. We are always striving to improve our curriculum and your feedback is greatly appreciated!

While we certainly agree that challenging projects are an important part of the process of becoming a better developer (have you had a chance to try the React Redux Portfolio Project?), at Codecademy we also focus on another important aspect of learning programming: taking a process or code solution that you understand and applying it to a new situation. We think that this provides a valuable opportunity to not only solidify your understanding of the material but also to identify patterns in software.


I was happy to do this project and it did not feel repetitive to me. After each of the React projects I felt more like I knew what I was doing and why. The React and Redux content is complex and the more exercise the better. And due to the dispatching of IDs to another slice I think there is enough variation.


Hello everyone,

this is my solution! Enjoy!

Loved the project!


Hello everyone,

Here is my Flashcards challenge,


Flascards - Challenge Project (REDUX)


Hey! Completed the Flashcards project. A few small issues along the way like forgetting to add to the store and things not rendering correctly but overall was good. I added local storage just to make it more usable.

I wish more of the routing had been left to us as I feel as though I could do with a bit more practice.

You can see the code here on GitHub - jamesHarradon/flashcard-project
and live here https://jims-flashcard-quiz.netlify.app/


Hi folks! I finished the Flashcards project.

I tried to do this one with TDD, but I’m struggling with tests a bit. I think I have an ok handle on unit testing, but integration testing still melts my brain.

Would be very happy to receive any feedback about my tests!

Here is my Flashcards project. Let me know what you guys think!

git remote add origin GitHub - MaxwellHouston/React-Redux-Flashcards: Flashcards project for Codecademy using React and Redux

I just finished the project. I had issues rendering the Topic and Quiz pages, as well as adding cards to state, while doing the project on-platform, but I had no problems whatsoever doing the project off-platform. Perhaps those are issues the Codecademy dev team could take a look at.

Here’s my solution: https://github.com/DavyK17/flashcards

Hey everyone,

First off, if anyone is interested in doing a code review, send me a message.

Here’s my solution to the flashcards project. Once I wrapped my head around the recommended state, it went fairly smoothly.

I had an issue with my Nav Links not working on my first attempt despite my code matching the solution. The only thing I could find was that my package-lock.json has some different code from the solution. I think this may have been the reason for that issue so I started from scratch and everything worked out.

Here is my project on GitHub: GitHub - ChrisDeCleene/flashcards-react-redux

And deployed with GitHub Pages: React App

**If anyone is unsure of how to deploy a React app on GitHub like I was, here is a great repo that explains exactly how: GitHub - gitname/react-gh-pages: Deploying a React App (created using create-react-app) to GitHub Pages


Chris DeCleene

Hi everybody,

Here’s my solution to the flashcards project. I enjoyed the challenge of working with React and took the opportunity to practise unit testing using Jest. I also made minor modifications to the CSS, increasing the font size of all components so that it was easier to read.

Thanks to @carokrny for sharing your code so that I was able to get set up with unit testing. I made minor changes to your examples to avoid plagiarism and then wrote several more unit tests of my own (45 in total).

Also thanks to @chrisdecleene for sharing your code - at various times it was handy to be able to compare my code with fully functional code and make the necessary changes to my own code to get it working correctly.

GitHub source code: GitHub - chris-larham-1983/codecademy-flashcards-app
App hosted by Surge: https://codecademy-flashcards-app.surge.sh


hey davyk17,

did you figure out what was causing the problems while doing it on-platform? im havin exactly same issues while doing it on-platform, and have checked and rechecked million times my code, and cant find nothing wrong, whil comparing with many other codes posted in this forum.
unfortunatly i cant do it off-platform for now, so maybe i will just skipp this project for some weeks until get my laptop back and do it off-platform

No, never figured it out I’m afraid. Just resorted to finishing it off-platform.