Flashcard Skill: using Codecademy's code results in broken Skill


I am using the answer code directly supplied by Codecademy for the Flash Card Skill, and an unable to move on beyond the SetMyLanguageIntent

Here is the convo tree:

Specifically, this is the response, which as you can see is able to match my response to the slot.

"request": {
		"type": "IntentRequest",
		"requestId": "amzn1.echo-api.request.11175894-7358-47b2-a976-0b900fbec96e",
		"timestamp": "2018-09-12T13:17:05Z",
		"locale": "en-US",
		"intent": {
			"name": "SetMyLanguageIntent",
			"confirmationStatus": "NONE",
			"slots": {
				"language": {
					"name": "language",
					"value": "python",
					"resolutions": {
						"resolutionsPerAuthority": [
								"authority": "amzn1.er-authority.echo-sdk.amzn1.ask.skill.ee34487d-d343-4deb-ab6c-193777c92aa8.languages",
								"status": {
									"code": "ER_SUCCESS_MATCH"
								"values": [
										"value": {
											"name": "python",
											"id": "23eeeb4347bdd26bfc6b7ee9a3b755dd"
					"confirmationStatus": "NONE"

However, at this point in the journey, the response is always “There was a problem with the requested skill’s response”

I have checked the logs, and there doesn’t seem to be any error indicated. Has anyone encountered this, and if so do you know why is happening?