[FIXED] Typo in lesson instructions in C# course

Hello! For part 1 of the instructions on the “checklist” there’s this

"You and your friend are planning a trip together and are trying to decide where to go. You each have specific criteria that it needs to fulfill. You want it to have a beach and city, whereas your friend wants beach or hiking. Your current pick is Barcelona, which is a city that has a beach. Will both you and your friend be happy?

Create a bool variable named yourNeeds . Write a logical comparison that captures your criteria."

So I added

bool yourNeeds = (city && beach);

and… it would not let me continue because I had to switch beach and city around.

Is that because the original code looks like this?

bool beach = true;
bool hiking = false;
bool city = true;

As in, did I literally have to put beach before city as a necessity for the code to run or was that just the lesson not letting me? The actual error says that I didn’t put it into parenthesis, when it was in parenthesis. However it also shows them swapped so I swapped the two (still keeping them within parenthesis) and it worked.

So yeah, is that something I should make a habit, to only add things in the order that they’re listed on top?

Thank you!

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Before someone says “Just get rid of the s so you can move on with the lesson” you have to realize how badly this would freak beginners out, not knowing what they did wrong.

I could just be wrong as a beginner.


Thanks, for pointing out the typo in the lesson. Your first post regarding the order of the variables used in the comparison is annoying to be sure. There is no reason for either to appear first other than that is what the SCT is expecting in this case. Your second post is definitely a typo in the instructions. I’ll report this as a bug to the CC team.


Thanks again, @faxxleton. The typo has been corrected.

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