[FIXED] Issue with the website (mine working now the issue existed for more than 4 hours)

After reloading and refreshing numerous the issue still exist

in introduction to javascript lesson async await exercise when i submit check to work it suddenly hangs i also issued bug report in google chrome i will try reloadin it again but please some one check if they also have this issue or is it just for me might be some chrome extension interfering with the network.
but please check to verify.

link to exercise

Hi! I am also having issues with the page.

It just stays like this:

My internet connection is fine.

Hi @mtea994 - glad to hear you problem resolved itself.

@cordoba83, could you please let me know whether this problem is continuing? :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve been having this same problem for at least 3 hours. Is there a solution yet?


The Codecademy site is working fine for me right now.

Could you please try the steps in the Troubleshooting guide below?


The Ad-block extension I had on Chrome was the source of the issue. Already solved it.

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Glad to hear it. Thanks for coming back and letting us know how you solved it; that might be useful to the others having a similar problem. :slight_smile: