[FIXED] "Introduced Yourself" badge impossible to get

What I mean is that I cannot reply to this topic:
(Welcome to our forums! Please Introduce Yourself),
and so I can’t get the badge ;). Is there like a second version? Anyway, thanks for any answers :slight_smile: .

You can’t reply to the topic? You should be able to - it’s not closed. Could you post a screenshot of what you see where the Reply button should be, please?

Sure, here’s a full screenshot of the post:

…And a closeup of where the reply button should be: (but isn’t)

For my reply to your post, the reply button was easy to find:

Thanks for your time!

That’s weird… I can see the button;

What about the one at the bottom of the thread, underneath the last (currently @bibleman1``3 's) reply?

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Nope, same problem:


and nothing below it?


That should only look like that if the topic is locked, which it isn’t :confused:

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So… what can I do? Nothing?

I’m not sure… does this happen when you use another browser?

So I was using FireFox, then I tried Chrome, same problem.

Well the thread isn’t closed and your account isn’t blocked from replying to posts, as we’ve seen here in this thread, so I’m not sure what could’ve caused this…

Is this happening on other posts or just that one?

Just that forum, and other closed ones (obviously).

Thanks for reporting this @chesswithsean! It seems to have been caused by misconfigured permissions, which should now be fixed. Please confirm that you can now reply to that topic for us.


Yes, thank you, it is now fixed :slight_smile:

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