[FIXED] [FORUM] View source button not working

For the Post:

Summary of the report:
When you press the view source button (image below) the source of the post does not show. This is very important for unformatted code, especially HTML/CSS or very poor formatted code. With the source button, it makes it a lot easier to read the code and help. This is also very important to Python because of indentaion matters in the language. And using inspect element is inefficient and difcult.

Course URL:
All topics/posts on these forums.

Steps to Reproduce:
Go to any topic/post and press the view source button and it shouldn’t be able to view the source code.

Fix or Workaround:
None to my knowledge.

Chrome Version 100.0.4896.60


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Where is this ‘view source’ button to which you refer? There is an Edit tool in each post, but nothing with that name.

I’m referring to the button that displayed the raw content of a post. The button has </> in it.


That’s the code sample tool for posting blocks.

If you press the 3 dots on a post it displays the same icon and it shows the raw content of the post.

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Ah, okay. I’ve never used that and just use the edit tool to see their raw post. Did you try it in FF? I’m using Chrome and can see it does not work.


The three dots are called an ellipsis.

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I don’t have Firefox so no. And we don’t have access to the edit tool. Only mods.

Just tried it in FF (Windows 10) and it doesn’t work there, either.

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Does CC support any other browsers than Chrome and FF. I know this is discourse but I don’t know if we have plugins or theme (components) that would break it so it would not be supported.

I just found a plugin that warns a user before posting unformatted code. Haven’t player played around with it but it may be worth looking into and it could replace the button.

Off topic:

Never knew that and I didn’t even think that it had a name.

Yes, and a general purpose in grammar. Chances are we use it correctly only half the time, but it usually indicates that something has been left out (as in not visible or omitted) or that there is more to add, although the sentence may trail off.

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BTW, I’ve tagged CC to raise this topic with the Discourse Admin on staff. With any luck we may hear back from them.

Got it. About the button or plugin, I mentioned before.

Just this topic. It should all come to light in due course.

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The view source button referred to by @not-ethan, is the handiwork of Scott (@selectall), I believe. He created it, so the SU’s and other users could see the raw text of poorly formatted posts. Mods don’t need it, as we have access to edit any post, and can see the raw text with that tool. I’m sure the tool Scott created is extremely useful to the SU’s, and hopefully whatever was changed that broke it, can be undone, or modified.


Doesn’t work in Safari either.

Aw, I didn’t know Scott created that! That was nice of him.


Clicking the </> button throws:

There apparently was an ID of share-link, but isn’t now?

Trying something…

If I add `id=“share-link” to the image button in the html, I get the raw text, but not where it belongs:


@alexc, is this something you can fix by changing the undefined element to an element can still be accessed?

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Well, at least we are getting a lead on this. I will say If I remember correctly when this was working long posts with a lot of md overflowed because the rendered md is a lot smaller than the raw.

To add to the aside they actually have fun food related names FreeFrontend blog — Menu Icon Animation HTML and CSS menu icon...

Yes it was indeed @selectall that created it. I’ll have a little look to see if I can find out how it can be fixed, but I wouldn’t want to step on Scott’s toes, I’ll give him some space to fix it first.


Did they spell donair correctly?

King of Donair - Wikipedia

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Apparently it is a Canadian thing!

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