[FIXED] Error message has a huge mistake


Noticed a mistake during following the Advanced JSX course in assignment 10, click here.

Yes I made a mistake for typing dog instead of doggy but it is the error message following that which concerns the bug report.

Error message (see also provided image):

The else clause should set const img equal to <img src={pics.doggy} />

The assignment has defined img earlier in the assignment and since it has to be reassigned has gotten the type of let, yet the error message talks about setting a const equal to a certain value…

Variable of the type const cannot be reassigned since they are constant.


Found a nifty mistake in the above mentioned course :wink:


Thanks for identifying the subject and sending the correct response through message. Thanks again @milesmccracken

Hey @janneslohmeijer. Thanks for flagging. Were you able to create a bug report for this, or need us to do that? Happy to help, just let us know.

Hey @lilybird

I’ve logged it for @janneslohmeijer :slight_smile:


Thank you, @thepitycoder!

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Hey @lilybird and @thepitycoder,

Thx for the replies. And sure thing, I do what I can to help. @thepitycoder has logged the bug report. I wouldn’t mind access to Jira myself, if you feel the account fee is worth it by all means go ahead ;).

Kind regards,


…if that’s paid per account then please get rid of mine, it only exists because there was a larger environment bug and I got told to say it there

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I will have to check in with the team. I’m not sure these are paid accounts. Will report back.

We use Jira at my work and we have to pay per user that’s why I mentioned it.
Not sure what license Codecademy is on though, but that’s none of my business really :stuck_out_tongue: .

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I guess since the bug report has been entered in Jira this topic can be closed, anyone?

I usually don’t close them until they’re fixed. I change [REPORTED] to [FIXED], and then close, but I suppose it doesn’t matter, other than someone seeing the same error will be able to see that it’s been reported.