[fixed #130] Cannot load codeacademy.com

I’m not really sure who can help me with this but I’m experiencing a very bizarre issue with codeacademy.com on my desktop. Putting codeacademy.com in my browser just brings up a blank white page. The title of the page is Codeacademy and has the codeacdemy icon but absolutely nothing on the page.


I tried Chrome and Edge, both bring up a blank page. I’m typing this now on my macbook, the page loaded without issue. Has anyone else ever experienced this before? Will say I tried the normal troubleshooting such as rebooting or powering down completely. Ran updates, etc…

I see a message on Twitter asking if the site is down.

Sounds like a problem at their end.

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Just had a :bulb: moment from @bitrunner97838’s post !

Use codecademy.com instead.

codeacademy.com used to redirect but it looks like that is what has stopped working – I will put in a ticket about that shortly.

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idk if this is a bug but codeacademy.com doesn’t redirect to codecademy.com, instead shows the codecademy symbol in the chrome tab

cadecademy.com worked.

I’m kind of embarrassed to say the entire time I thought it was Code Academy.
So yeah, looks like the redirect for codeacademy.com is broken. Thanks!

Not to worry, there are many people who feel the same. :slightly_smiling:

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This has been fixed now.

Thank you both for taking the time to report it.

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