Fix for zsh: command not found: jupyter in MacOS

Hey Guys,

Had a heck of a time getting .zsh to recognize jupyter, every time I entered it I would get “command not found”. Turns out miniconda didn’t adjust $PATH correctly. If you run into this issue on macOS Catalina or later, I recommend doing the following:

~% export PATH=$PATH:/Users/[yourusername]/anaconda3/bin

That should solve your issue. I’m not sure how pervasive this problem is, but I thought I’d share as it had me hung up for a few study sessions. Happy Coding!


If this is Catalina then check the following guidance from the conda documentation, instruction 7 mentions Catalina and zsh specifically-

The issue is that the installer still seems to alter the profiles for bash instead of zsh which aren’t necessarily sourced when your terminal runs zsh (zsh is now the default shell on Catalina). Once your zsh profiles have been altered correctly (either by following the instructions on the link or by manually editing the relevant zsh profiles) then the relevant conda commands should be correctly sourced with every new terminal you open.

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