First website

Hello everyone!

Here we go, first website live and running. Still a work in progress (of course) but happy with how it’s coming along.

Any feedback is welcome, let me know what you think.


write code, write more code, and write a little bit more code.

I love this from your website. Kudos!

Love your site! The simplicity is nice and the functionality is smooth.

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Although one minor thing- just noticed you accidentally misspelled “engineer”!

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Oh no!! Good spot, I’ll get that changed ASAP.

Thank you so much.

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Very nice site! As someone else already said, I love the simplicity.
It would be fun to look at your GitHub repository for this project and see some of your code.
Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much.

The idea with the simplicity was, let’s get a functional website up and running which reads well, let’s not over complicate things.

The link to my GitHub is at the bottom of the main page in the contact section.

I love the simplicity of the site. It is a well made website. Though I had noticed on the reviews project, the text summing up what the project was about overlaps with the project itself when the resolution of the website is reduced or the page is viewed on a smaller screen. This could possible be due to the element heights not being set as min and max not restricting sizes. Other then that the site is amazing, and I am excited to see where your website goes!

actually this only occurred to me when the screen was expanded, when viewed through a mobile viewport it was perfectly fine. I am not entirely sure what happened there.

Hmmm, I can’t seem to spot the issue here?

On my mobile screen (iPhone) there is no overlap on the reviews JavaScript project, nor on my desktop.

I’ve tried expanding and retracting the page on the desktop and I can’t find it, weird.

That is indeed weird. It might just be on my screen. My labtop shows that problem however my PC makes it normal. When I used inspect element and selected the mobile viewport I was able to reproduce the issue.