First website used the skelton from the html guide

I tried creating my first website after i had taking the codecademy course, but ive run into a problem with my background image and navigation bar, everything works locally on my computer and on the server ive put it on, but hen i open it i get no background image and the nav tab isnt styled.

Here’s a jsfiddle of my files:
what it should look like:
what it looks like: nicki. heskjaer .eu (sorry for the spaces but i apparently can only post 2 links which wont help you guys, help me.)

Any help would be much appreciated as ive tried googling it and tried different suggestions i could find but nothing have worked out, hopefully its very simple.

I see a few problems, some missing " and >, and a lot of equal signs in css, this should be colons (after a css property, there should be a colon)

I made a bin, i removed the mistakes and made comments in html about what i did, in css i just replaced a bunch of equal signs with colons, better? Why did you nest a col-md-4 in a col-md-4?

If you have a classname, or url, i would’t do any spaces in it:

<img src="url"><!-- i recommend no space between url and " -->

Thanks for your respond sStetim94, really appreaciate the help, i have no idea why i did that but now that you point it out i can see that that doesnt make any sense. ill look what you posted thorugh, again thanks for the help.

Good, if you have any questions do ask

okay i read the small adjustments you did, i now learned that the = signs as you talked about is not supposed to be there, dont know where i got that form, but i then made the adjustments to the files on the server but i still do not get the background image displayed.

Still looks the same:
Picture and nav bar styling looks like its not there as well

Can i the content of the files you use on the server? The code i currently have to work with is fine

where should i upload them to? to be able to share them

dropbox? Google drive? github would be really nice, you have github? Otherwise, just copy and paste the content to a bin (jsfiddle, jsbin)

The jsfiddle i showed was the one i showed you, (now with your small changes), the stange thing is it works locally like when i just open the html file by double clicking it but when i go through to the site via my domain it shows up without a picture and nav bar

Okay, weird. I will work in the source code you website, give me a minute

okay so i just did the same thing like expect element in chome, went to sources and copy pasted my css file into it and now theres a background and nav bar, so why isnt that going through?

Weird, i don’t know. I tried to download your webpage, but it is blocking, what are you using to host it? I will go through the source code now

The file on the server is not the same as in your bin, look at this:

your jumbotron doesn’t have a background image. I don’t know why, but the server file and the bin are different

i put it on my dads server, he just gave me my own domain, i hav no clue how that stuff works other than where i had to put it

Nice to have a dad giving you a server :slight_smile: He did build good security (or someone else did, maybe should ask him? You could temporary host your website on github pages (go here), select project site, start from scratch. Do make a repository first, github is useful to have anyway.

In general it helps to understand what happens? Maybe set up an apache in your lan on a VM with linux?

The server runs win xp, and that is all the file thats on there , the one called index is the .html youve looks and second is the css file is there another way this should be done

isn’t xp a bit outdated? Anyway, i don’t know. The problem seems to be on the server, which from a distance is impossible to solve, can’t you send me the files?

wouldnt the files be to big for email, ill try though

apart from the image, the files aren’t larger then 5kb. you can send 25mb, or if you use wetransfer even 2gb.