First time coders

Hi Guys,

i just wanted to say that i’m extremely excited to enter this whole new world of coding, i’m new to this so hopefully you guys will be able to answer if i have nay questions.

i’m currently doing HTML, bit of SQL, trying to learn everything that i can, then gradually move on to PHP, Python etc.

i’m doing this to as a career change, what do you guys think? is it doable ? how long will take me to actually get the hang of it and become or consider myself a coder, programmer, developer?

is there any one else in the room like? i have zero back ground in coding. is 6 months realistic 10 hours a week? also what other advice do you guys have for me, resources, materials, websites etc.

feel free to comment back and give me the best advice thanks guys.

i’m really excited because i’m eager to learn this new world of endless possibilities cheers guys :smile:

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You’re welcome ! I m new as well ! YOU ARE AT THE GOOD PLACE ! codecademy is a good website very pedagogic ! with helpful people ! There are other website interesting as well !
Be welcome ! Hello the world !

Becoming a good programmer takes a while, just like anything else you need to practice, a lot. Build things, build even more things, but if you are determined you will get there. There are many good resources online (codecademy of course), freecodecamp, edx cs50 introduction to computer science, and many many more