First time back on this site for a while and

…im shocked to see how little content there is now for free.
This site become famous on the back of being Free.
There are many sites that are the same but are not free.
its sad tbh :frowning:


We’ve been putting some bugs in corporate’s ears and could at least see the free content get a spring cleaning and if our prayers are answered, an upgrade on the courseware to include more Python 3, Ruby 2 and ES6+. I’m only speaking from my personal wish list, mind, not anything official. Out of my purview.

The more your message is heard upstairs, the better chance we see the free side come back to life. Here’s hoping!

Well I am quite new to this place, so don’t know the values of the contents, yet Investing for what I want to do motivates me lot, so entered pro :laughing:

Hi Kevin, thanks for your feedback, appreciate you reaching out. We are a business, and running Codecademy costs money – everything from the server costs to the humans who build these courses. We can’t provide everything for free or we wouldn’t be able to afford providing anything. At Codecademy we are focused on providing everything in balance, so that a great deal of what we offer is free but we have some options to pay more to be able to practice and apply what you’ve learned. You can find that lessons in our most popular courses – HTML, CSS, Python 2.x, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, etc. – are all free. Sure, there are projects and quizzes in Pro that go with those courses, but you don’t need to take those in order to learn. It is a difficult balance to find between continuing to support the free content and having enough exclusive value in Pro to afford to support everything else, but it is a balance that we are committed to find.

Well, are you going to add a course for Python 3.x? I can’t think of any reason to learn 2.x over 3.x, and considering other courses use Python it might be a problem if they use 3.x while the python course itself uses 2.x

However rubyrunner95188, I went through the catalog and including the intensive programs and paths as individual courses, around 49% of what’s available is 100% pro. Though this doesn’t take into account that some courses like ‘Colour Theory’ seem to be free but are mostly Pro stuff.

Also, just want to say that the latest email I got was a bit misleading. I saw it was posting about two new courses and I read their descriptions and was like “Hmm, won’t need this but would be very interesting to possibly learn”, however I did have doubts. I went to check both of them anyway and saw ‘Search Algorithms’ was mostly free with the usual Pro quizzes with a project for some reason. However, ‘Linear Regression’ was 100% Pro, not entirely “No Tricks” then. The entire email had made no mention of ‘Pro’ anywhere, searching ‘Pro’ in the email only bring up one result: project.

Hey dotdot. We do teach Python 3.x as part of the Python Intensive and the Pro Paths. Ever since Pro first launched several years ago we’ve promised Pro members exclusive first access to some of our newest content, and new courses like linear regression are a good example of that.


I’m not sure I would agree. Most decent bootcamps cost upwards of $1000 at least. I think we’re getting a decent deal. I’m curious, what free contnet would you like to see that no longer exsists?

So, will Python 3.x ever be available to non-Pro users? Still don’t see why the 2.x course should still be on here, considering how long 3.x has been around.