First time at a project for US medical Insurance Costs Please give me Feedback!


I am a new coder, and was wondering if i could get some feedback into my coding.

I might have some typos and some grammar mistakes but I just want to see if someone can check on my code.

The overall experience I had with this was 7/10 enjoyment.

But the overall point of this project is to show:

- I first compared the insurance cost for smoker vs nonsmokers.
- Region Area smoker vs nonsmoker
- Patients with no children that are smoker vs nonsmoker
- Patients with children that are smoker vs nonsmoker
- Children vs no children
- Region Area insurance Cost
- BMI cost between an interval of 10
- Average age of people with kids and without (this might however be irrelevant)
- Gender comparison and the cost for insurance.

Please give me hard Feedback
Thank you!

Very nice work!
I think you got the most important bits from the data.
My only suggestion would be to use Jupyter Notebook instead, which I find a bit better for sharing your codes with others.
The next thing you could do is try to add graphs (but if I remember correctly that’s beyond the scope of this project).