First Swift project - macOS app for Philips Hue

For a long time I’ve wanted to learn Swift, and dive into the whole stack of Xcode, Swift and SwiftUI.

When I discovered that my Philips Hue smart lighting system got an API, I started to play around with that started to build a macOS Swift/SwiftUI app. I’ve called Hue Log because at its core it is logging events from the Hue Bridge, and makes visualizations and monitoring around that and other data.

It was a struggle at first with so many new things. A lot of rabbit holes to go down in to figure things out, but every day it got better. Now I feel really productive with Swift and SwiftUI.

I’m past the point where I checked off all the “must-have” features but still being stuck in “just this extra thing”-mode. Hoping to wrap it up soon and put it out on the app store.

That sounds like an exciting journey into Swift and SwiftUI development! It’s great to hear that you’ve been able to leverage your interest in the Philips Hue API to build something meaningful with your macOS app, Hue Log 8. It’s not uncommon to encounter challenges and rabbit holes when diving into new technologies, but it’s clear that your persistence has paid off, and you’re now feeling productive with Swift and SwiftUI.

As you approach the final stages of development and prepare to release your app on the App Store, it’s natural to want to add those extra touches or features. Just remember to balance adding new features with the goal of wrapping up and releasing your app. It’s an exciting milestone to reach, and I’m sure your app will be well-received by users eager to explore the capabilities of their Philips Hue lighting systems. Good luck with the final stages of development and the App Store release!