First steps using flex in css

Hi everyone,

on my way through the Front-End Engineer path I want to start using flex in css to arrange my content. I start with a simple example-page but fail to become my 2 boxes inline (they partially overlap). You can see it live here and find the files here. Can someone tell where’s a hook?

Another question I have is: have anyone a link to an article, a book or any other media to read about content-arrangement in css in general?

Thank you all in advance!

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I tried to look stuff for the flexbox, and tested your work …
align-items: center;
inside the css for
to line up the flex items inside of it.

If you want more space after that first flex item,
you could do
margin-right: 4px;


Thanks a lot @janbazant1107978602 ! This was quiet easy but I think that’s often the issue when start working with something new… So my next task was to get to know what’s the difference between align-content and align-items. And I found a little explanation here. I hope this might help everyone who comes here later for the same question.