First step HTML connect to localhost

Hey :slight_smile: I learned a lot about HTML and coding in general in the past few days. I understand how simple websites get created and wanted to try it out now.
My only problem is that I don’t understand how I get my textprogramm like sublime text or notepad to work with my browser?
How do I get a plain Website to build it from scratch (localhost)?

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html files you create with sublime text, you can just open with your browser. You don’t need localhost (for now)

a browser is just a program on your computer (although be it a very complicated one), normally you request the files from an external server, but the end, that is still an html file.


Well thanks a lot! So I got it running by saving my sublime text file and opened it up. Until now it is just a “Webpage” on my computer correct? How do I get it running as a full fledged Website do I need to install a server or do I need other services (so I’m able to get on my website via www…

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Be careful not to take steps which are to big.

yes. Given the file is read from the hard drive inside your computer

although its possible to host a website on a private PC, its quite uncommon given all the security measures you need.

you would need to configure a webserver (nginx, apache), allowing external connection (port forwarding on your router), firewall rules, and then you need to configure a domain name to your routers IP. Quite a few steps, and i don’t even think i covered all the steps yet

so its quite common (and time saving) to use hosting services, of course these hosting services ask a small fee.

but i don’t think you quite need that yet, github has github pages where you can host static web pages, and its free. github pages


Oh thanks! :slight_smile: Well I’m not trying right now to get it running I just didn’t understand how the hole get it online stuff works. But the answer helped a lot thanks!

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