First SQL project not updating when I hit 'save'

I am working on the beginning of the Create Table project in SQL

I got to step 3 and when I hit ‘save’, no table or schema was showing up. I went back to step 1, and hit ‘save’ and still the friends table was not showing up. I have read many others’ posts with the same problem and have not had any luck. I have refreshed my screen, and closed and gone back into CodeAcademy several times with no change. Here is my screenshot. Please advise what I am doing wrong here. Any help would be much appreciated! Here is a screenshot.

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:wave: hey there! I found the same issue and it turns out that the issue was the comma after DATE!!! What a pain it was but it shows how important it is to be precise when writing out the syntax.

I’m having the same issue with the first two projects I’ve done. I’m using the exact same syntax that’s in the expert demo video.