First python project!

Hi! I just created my first Python project: Croissant Therapy.
It would mean so much if I am able to get feedback on this project!

Here is the link to my GitHub: GitHub - epratiwi/croissant-therapy


Hi! I just took a quick look at your project but I think it’s original and fun. What is your current level of Python? Is there anything you are looking to improve with it? I’m asking because I think you could improve the way the croissant data is stored with a nested dictionary, which could allow you to access the data more easily and avoid repeating the variable names.

For example, I think it could look like this, but that’s just a suggestion:

BEACOUP_croissants = {
    'safe': {'Butter Croissant': 3.20, 'Pain au Chocolat': 4.00, 'Kouign Amann': 3.15},
    'savoury': {'Ham and Cheese Croissant': 7.35, 'Onion Bacon Scroll': 6.45},
    'sweet': {'Pain au Chocolat': 4.00, 'Cinnamon Scroll': 5.00},
    'adventurous': {'Valhorna Chocolate Chip Cookie': 3.79, 'Salted Chocolate Rosemary Cookie': 4.15}

Hi! I just started learning about a month ago :smiley:
Thank you so much for your reply and suggestion, I greatly appreciate it. I will definitely try and implement that into my code. Thank you!

That’s great epratiwi, I’m glad you liked my suggestion. It seems like you have made a lot of progress in a month. I’m also learning Python and doing code review, so I hope you continue with your projects!

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