First project ever in Codecademy, please provide feedback for MixedMessages.js

Oct 13, 2022

– Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting a project here in the Forums.
Here is the link to the github repo:

So, I didn’t know what to make the project about, so I made it about TV soccer commentators in Mexico. They always have funny or ridiculous phrases, so I wanted to make a program that would print a random adjective for the commentator (different ways to call the person or profession, or the action performed), then print a random phrase said on national TV by said commentator, and then suggest a random name of who might’ve said it. The names that can be chosen by the computer are all of real life people who are famous for saying outlandish things on TV, so any result would be funny, even if the phrase isn’t accurately matched to the person who said it.

I didn’t think about sharing it so I made the phrases in Spanish, but I think I fulfill the technical requirements of the activity. Please let me know what you think!