First Portfolio Project - US Medical Insurance Cost Project - Reviews and Feedbacks are appreciated

Hello everyone,

This was my first big project/portfolio project in my programming career. It took me about 23 hours to complete this project. It was really challenging and fun at the same time. I had to start over in the middle of the project due to poor design of my classes. Even after I defined my classes in a different manner, there are some repeated code and unnecessary objects created. As for analysis, there are definitely tons of things to improve. I had a really hard time since I don’t know much about OOP and wasn’t able to add several functions. After some time, I got really frustrated and decided to improve things after I learn a bit more about OOP instead of getting stuck at it and losing my learning pace. I started learning about programming about a week ago, so OOP is a really challenging and abstract thing for me. However, I am glad that I was able to understand my weaknesses and which programming topics should I focus on on.

During the project, I made lots of research. I used libraries such as matplotlib, statistics and numpy which I haven’t learnt during the data scientist course yet. Also, I asked lots of question in Codecademy’s community Discord.

I want to say thank you to Hunter#7874 for helping me on writing clean code and OOP. Thanks to him, I was able to improve my coding.

Overall, that was a really beneficial project for me. I hope that I will improve and do better than this in the future.

Here is Github link of this project:

I have 404 error. Maybe you set your project as private?