First module showing lost connection to Codecademy

Hi All,

Top right hand of page shows an attemp to connect to Codecademy and then an icon goes red and text appears and states “lost connection”.

Considering I am successfully doing another course in another tab, don’t believe it is my browser.

Please advise, thanks.


This happens sometimes the server is really busy etc, also its mostly in courses that have terminals,

Have you tried refreshing the page ?

Could you please paste in the URL to the specific lesson.



Hi all,

having the same problem. I wanted to start the JavaScript lessons and it also says “lost connection”. Refreshing doesnt do a thing. :frowning:

Here’s the link:



sorry for delay,

Are you still experiencing this problem ?


no problem at all !

Yes, unfortunately.I am lauching the first module -> Lost conntection to Codeacademy. That’s it.

Any suggestions?


Connection okay on my side,

  • Do you have steady internet connection ?
  • Try using another browser

^ If the above doesn’t work create another account and see if that works if it does then we know its a problem with your account connecting to the server.

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okay i think i figured out whats the problem. When i am @work it doenst get the connection, but when i am @home it does get the connection, so it should be a firewall thing…i’ll talk to my security colleagues… :stuck_out_tongue:

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That will be better.

Hei i have been expereincing this situations from morning.

im so frustrated im in middle of coding for HTML course.

Im unable to do coding as it shows “lost connection to codeacademy” when there is internet connection.

please assist

I know its many days later sorry about that.

Is it sorted out ?

Our company uses a McAfeeweb proxy. We ran into this issue months back and found we needed to allow WebSockets for Doing that fixed the issue. Just had a user prompt me he was getting the issue again just now. Tracing the traffic, I saw it hitting now. I added that to our WebSockets list on the proxy and it works again. Hopefully this helps someone else.

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Good evening Zainab,

Yes alhamdullilah solved

Thanks anyways and no worries

That’s good to hear :slight_smile: