First lessons as a python beginner

here is my feeling after a few lessons:
I don’t like it at all and regret my pro subscription.
The exercises are unclear and often include in the instructions things not seen in the lessons.
I feel like I spend more time looking for what I’m being asked to do than learning. I had started with a free pdf and was progressing faster.

It would be helpful if you included specific examples to support your case. Maybe include some screenshots or code examples.

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First, I have typed :



but it seems it was wrong…

At the beginning of today’s lesson on lists, second question, I find myself with definitions of “start” and “end”, never seen before.
I go back to my dashboard, I start the lesson on the lists again, and I have something else that is displayed…

I get why you did that, and that’s good instinct. But, .pop()'s default is that it removes the last element in the list (as the hint notes).

Do you mean that the content was different each time you restarted the lesson on lists? Do you have a screenshot for that and a specific link?

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No, sorry I don’t have a screenshot.
Yesterday I fell directly on the lessons, the day before yesterday on a kind of quiz.
Next time I will take a screenshot


May I know where exactly did you type data_science_topics.pop(5)?

According to your screenshot, there are 6 elements in the list at the beginning. data_science_topics.pop(5) will remove the 6th element which is also the last element from the list.

.pop() method will automatically remove the last element from the list. If you plan to remove the last element, you don’t have to specify the index number in the bracket.

I hope this helps.

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ok, thank you very much for the explanation.
Have a good day.

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