First lesson

I wanted to start learning Python. I not that experienced with coding, I’ve learned some Html, forgot all of it, learned barely any Javascript, and forgot that too. I wanted to start learning Python, I found Codecademy and found a lesson for Python, I started it, read the first instructions which was basically explaining what Python is. So then I clicked next and it gives me my instructions for my first exercise, I read it ofcourse and then go to type and nothing is happening. It looks like its loading, but I’ve refreshed the page, exited the site and then went back in, I’ve looked for help on these forums but I only found one instance where someone said this happened to them and someone else agreed but nobody explained how to fix this. I’ve never used Codecademy before, I don’t know what to do. It hasn’t even been an hour since I found Codecademy and its already not working. Can someone please help?
Here is a screenshot


Hello @stephen-gregg, welcome to the forums! Have you looked at the troubleshooting guide?

Thanks. But what you said didn’t work. I have two internets and I’ve tried switching from one to the other but it doesn’t work. I tried reloading but that also didn’t work. I even had it waiting in a background tab since 30 minutes ago. Is there anything else I can do?

Try quitting the whole thing (your browser), then re-opening it.

That also doesn’t seem to work. Should I just wait and see if it works tomorrow?

I suppose-I can’t think of anything else…

Ok. Thank you anyway.

Maybe try the suggestions on this webpage as well.