First column has white space between the pic and border


I was checking through the code, and it all seems to be correct. But the result tab shows that there is a gap between the edge of the picture and the border only on the first column, the rest is fine. I know the picture is the correct size, because it shrinks to size, but there is still a very annoying gap. Please tell me what is happening.



In such a case as yours,
i would do a google search
on a site which is used by a LOT of programmers

== discussions / opinions ==
css a gap between border and picture
for instance


== the Book ==
css a gap between border and picture,_Tables,_and_Mysterious_Gaps


Your table title is most likely in the first cell, and is wider then your images in first cell, expanding the cell, can i see your code to confirm my hunch? Then i can help you solve it


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