First Coding Language?

Hello all fellow programmers! I am new to the world of programming and was wondering what would be the best programming language to learn for a newbie like myself. I have always been interested in making my own game, but school has just been very stressful lately (I am a junior in high school). Now that I am on break I can now spend my time doing things I am interested in. I have been told by a good friend of mine that codecademy is a good place to start, but there are so many languages to choose from! I have no experience in coding whatsoever and I would love to change that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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I recommend HTML/CSS because the syntax is always the same: <tag>content</tag> and does not require any other languages to run with, for example Javascript usually needs to be run in a web browser, in a web page (made in HTML, styled with CSS).

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Do html + css, followed by js. Js allows you to make interactive websites, and you can write games in js, for in webpages, really nice

Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely try it out. :smile:

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Thank you for your suggestion!