First Coding Challenege


I am doing my first coding challenge and a lot of this seems new to me rather than a review. Is it supposed to be like this? I just want to make sure of when I should be sitting on things trying to figured them out. I don’t want to waste a bunch of time doing that on something I haven’t learned yet. Thanks!

Given there is no strict order by which a learner can approach the lessons, don’t feel that you must attempt challenges that appear to be ahead of the game. Stick to the lessons and exercises and at the end of the unit, or even the course, go back and attempt them. We may well be learning from challenges, but it’s not learning if one doesn’t get it. Spending too much time on something is usually an indication that the core material is still unclear. Spend all the time you need on each lesson/unit to feel comfortable and confident moving forward. Expect challenges, and buckle up for them. And, you can always come here for a refresher or hints how to go forward. It’s not answers we want, but skills. Work on those, and challenges will become a delight with real take away value.

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