Finished. what now?



Sooo I finally finished all codeacademy python lessons (yey) what should I do now to keep learning? I’m more interested in game programming, but I think I should learn more before trying to program a game (?),I dont even know how to import pictures to be shown in the game


My friend has made some basic games using it or you could try making a calculator but after a bit I would just move onto a different language if you plan on making games


Well, you could learn more python (There are many resources online), you can also write python scripts on your own computer to gain experience

If you want to make a simple 2d game (or even 3d i believe) you can use python, take a look at pygame

But for bigger games, you really need a different language.


You could start on a different course, like Ruby.


I think moving to another language, especially language I wont be able to really do advanced things with will be a waste of time.


Ill try to start with 2d, but the pygame site is so uncomfortable and I cant understand sh1t + I dont any ideas for things I can do…


Well, if you want a language which can do advanced things i recommend C++. This is a powerful programming language, allowing you to many things. It also has a good number of game engines. I believe GTA 5 is written for a huge part of C++


I see. Are you looking towards a simple game, or one that takes time?


Writing a game (even in pygames) is at least intermediate level. Well, you can make a breakout game? I think that is a good game to start with, and i am sure there are many tutorials on how to make breakout in different language with different library’s


whats a breakout game? (sry for stupid question)


The game is called breakout, i think everyone played it at least once in there life. You can google it: breaktout, it will give you something like this


ok, in general, I want to advance to c++ but not now. I want to stay on python for now to gain more experience AND I already learned some of python so I want to use it. I want to make a pretty simple 2D game that won’t take more than a week or two. My biggest problems are: I dont have any idea for something I can create, I didnt make any big things in python, and third (I think the biggest) I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO INSERT A PICTURE, not even talking about a moving one, what means I cant create a game because it probably means I dont know other basic stuff


You might like these courses


Think he needs some projects to get in habit of using python