Finished the HTML course - Where should I go next?

The title is a bit self explanitory.

So far I have finished Python 3 and HTML. Id like to focus continuing with web dev as I have a degree course after the summer for my 2nd year and would like to get up to speed for that.

I see that CSS is intermediate and JS is beginner friendly. However Id like to know what would be a good route to take?

Edit - Im a Pro Account holder. I see from front end development CSS will be my next stage. However any extra ideas will be helpful.


Yeah if you’re looking to go into web development CSS is pretty much the required next step :slight_smile:

There’s two courses for CSS, one beginner and one intermediate, I’d suggest taking the beginner course next personally, unless you have any preexisting knowledge of CSS.


Decided to do the front end development course.

I am triggered I have to use the spelling of colour as ‘color’ for CSS…

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Awesome, that’s a great course, good luck with it!

Absolutely, it’s one of my pet hates with CSS too :laughing:

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British English problems!

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