Finished Tea Cozy Project

Hi, I wanted to share my Tea Cozy Project. It was challenging, but in the end, it was a nice confidence builder.

Here is the link to deployed version.
Here is the link to repo

It would be nice to receive some feedback.

Note: I didn’t adjust the Nav links when the screen goes below 500px. That’s the breakpoint for when the Nav links drop below the Tea Cozy Logo. So basically, I didn’t build the responsiveness needed for cell phones. I know, shame on me. I guess I was just happy enough with everything I learned from building the responsiveness of everything else. At the beginning of this project I was really lost as to how FlexBox works, but by the end of this I got it. So when I built the NavBar I didn’t really know FlexBox really well, but when I worked through the project I learned gradually.

So with that said, any comment on how to improve the header and nav bar inside the header, would be much appreciated.

All in all, it turned out well.

@mtf The other post I tagged you in is the more important one. If you want to comment on this one to that’s great but not as pressing as the other.

Your example has helped me out immensely. Thank you for sharing!

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Pretty sure I did this project but didn’t create a repo, just saved it on my other computer. As I remember, my version employed older techniques that have fallen out of use now that we have Flex and Grids, both of which I have no practice with. From this project the takeaway would be alignment techniques, spacing and fit. Don’t try to improve the design, just keep it as an example in its present form. When you re-implement the ideas, you will have a before and after view.

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