Finished my Portfolio Project

Hi guys,

Thanks for coming to take a look at my Personal Portfolio project.

Please give any feedback you can! The site should work on all devices and screen-widths and be bug free.

Please note - the projects are just placeholder images for now but I will add real projects in due time.

Please see the site live here:

Please see the github code here:


Hi Rory,
I’m just a beginner here, and am so impressed with your portfolio. The design is clean and beautiful and inspiring.
All the best!


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Thanks! Very kind of you to say so.

Good luck with your progress


Hey Rory,

I really like your portfolio website! The design is great and it is very inspirational. A really wonderful masterpiece!


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Hi Rory, I’m a beginner here, but I have some feedback for you. I hope it would be helpful.

  1. “Experience”.

...before out-sourcing the learning to the internationally recognised

I would say it’s better to choose: if you put “.com” after “codecademy”, then why not add the link? If you don’t want to put an additional link, then remove “.com” and uppercase “C” to make the Codecademy’s name shine.

  1. I would put the link “” under your email mention, so people don’t need to copy-paste it, they could just press on your mail mention and their preferred mail app will open automatically.

  2. At the bottom of the page, I would change and shorten the following line

Icons made by Freepik from

into something like this one:

Icons by Freepik from Flaticon

Hey Rory,

Great job, I like the simple but clean design and the subtle changes in the layout on scroll.
Checked it on a few devices and everything seems fine.

Perhaps the links in the footer need a different colour but that’s a very minor thing tho.

Good luck with the course,

I like your website…
You made it simple and clear. Well done!