Finished my HTML/CSS Final Project...Feedback Please!

One thing to consider… I only paid for 1 month with hostgator, so if you are seeing this post after 6/27/16 it’s probably no longer there.

A few things that I know need to change:

  1. My navigation buttons don’t link to anything yet because I want to use jquery to scroll to each section when the button is clicked but I haven’t figured that out yet
  2. My placeholder image doesn’t resize to smaller windows. (I have no idea why?!)
  3. On mobile devices, my main pic doesn’t show up, but it shows up in desktop browsers (I gotta figure that one out too).

Anywho, its my first website so any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Hi Chris,

Wow that’s a great website you designed :clap:
looking good :slight_smile:

^ add class="img-responsive" to the image, its a bootstrap class that makes an image responsive.

Hi :slight_smile:

Your mobile version has some bugs that you need to fix.
I see the main pic in mobile, that part it’s working but i think you’re pics are too big because they take long time to load.

In the menu i think that blue doesn’t work with the rest of the site colours.

But nice job, you can improve some things but you’re in the right way.
PS: Make your menu collapse on mobile, and the plugin you’re looking for to scroll it’s the scrollspy.