Finished my Final, would love some feedback!

Just finished my Final Project and wanted to share with you all, would love some feedback as well!

Vitality Web Designs

Thank you in advance!

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Great website congratulations :tada: :boom:

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Looking for some advice, my page for the codecademy projects is loading insanely slow for me for some reason. Wondering if anyone had some insight as to why and maybe some way of fixing it. It is using PNG that are 2mg each, i didnt think that was so big it would bog down the whole page so much.

It also changed the mobile version when i added the hover over. Is that because i changed the position to absolute inside div within the bootstrap row?

Thank you so much in advance!

Hey Greg,

Love the hover treatment you got goin’ on there! I’m not sure if I have any advice on slow loading, or the mobile issue, but I did notice a few things that could be cleaned up!

The link on Red Eye Photography is broken; it returns a 404 - page not found error. Also, in your Innovation Cloud example, if you change the color of the h1 and the p elements in the header section to white, it might make it a bit more readable.

Sorry I can’t help with the stuff you asked about, but I hope this feedback is helpful nonetheless!


Hi gmunker :slight_smile:

You have a bug on your menu, in mobile version it’s should “collapse”, right now it’s messing up with other elements.
You should add a <title> to your page.